little scientists and rainbow cakes

One of those parties where every one had an absolute blast! Experiments were done, balloon races had and bubbles blown in the garden. I think that the cupcake decorating won hands down though!… Continue reading

skate parks and fail moments

A few years back some guy from a church in the area opened up a skate/bmx park for the kids and as far as I know the story goes that it was opened… Continue reading

Executive Promotional Gifts

Executive Promotional Gifts was owned by the same couple for 27 years and just recently changed ownership, the new owner (one of the most vibrant women you will ever meet) decided that with… Continue reading

boat maintenance

As a photographer I tend to take my camera with me everywhere as life is full of moments to capture, an odd moment like that came along after a bit of a sailing… Continue reading

mompreneur breakfast

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be counted amongst the amazing mompreneurs at the Mommy Matters mompreneur breakfast. To be surrounded by so many incredible women (and the one lone gentleman from Spindle)… Continue reading

at the beach

A mini portfolio shoot for Oliver at kleinbaai on Sunday (and a few shots snuck in of his little sister who is still cozy in the womb)

what’s he thinking

I photograph children so often and in the editing process find a photo that makes me wonder what thought captured his/her attention at that given point


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pondering princess

The beauty of a girl cannot be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means, it only occurs naturally ~ Pam Callaghan

meeting MiriMoo

I got to meet the oh so frigging gorgeous little miss Miri (the inspiration behind MiriMoo). Her mummy @karlea booked a shoot with me a while back and today we finally met up… Continue reading